Our Mission

TrustFlight has the mission of improving the efficiency of aircraft operation and maintenance. Today, maintenance is largely carried out using disconnected paper-focussed processes which haven't changed in more than half a decade. We are building the tools and services to unlock a new level of efficiency and safety to an entire sector.

About Us

From our very inception, TrustFlight has been ingrained in the aviation industry. Founded by two commercial pilots with a proven track record at the intersection of technology and business, we have grown considerably and with stability, having recently celebrated the opening of our fourth office. Throughout our growth, we have gained an incredible team with backgrounds spanning different areas of aviation and technology, ensuring that TrustFlight is a solid presence in the industry.

Building the new standards in aviation records

We now offer a range of products and services within the sector. We help to remove costly paperwork and associated errors, preserve aircraft value and increase efficiency and safety in aircraft operations for all of our customers.

What we believe

Our values describe what we stand for. These five values shape our culture, guide the way we work and the way we grow as a company.
IntegrityIntegrityWe are transparent and open. We offer trust to our partners and assume it from them.
ResponsibilityResponsibilityWe own the work we do and take responsibility for it, striving to make it the best possible.
LeadershipLeadershipWe lead from within, providing support for our team to do incredible work and drive the industry forwards.
InnovationInnovationOur products are crafted for the future needs of the industry, going beyond what exists in the market.
ExcellenceExcellenceEvery one of our values contributes towards the excellence in our products.

Our Achievements

To put an entire airframe onto blockchain
To track all events, serialised parts and aircraft movements using blockchain
Flight hours on our platform

Join the Team

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