01. Our Mission

We are building a future with Digital Records

Owning, operating and maintaining aircraft shouldn't have to involve endless paperwork and myriads of disconnected systems. At TrustFlight, we are creating the tools and services to enable true Digital Records.

A world with Digital Records is one where validated, accessible and relevant data is available in all areas of the industry to help maintain safety, improve efficiency and inform decisions.

02. What does the future look like?

Electronic Tech Log

Automated entry, real-time defect reporting and fully integrated with all your systems. The days of errors, lost paperwork and manual copying of data are over.

Electronic Task Cards

Experience maintenance the modern way with interactive manuals, time-based validation and records automatically created as part of the process.

Fully Tracked Parts

View the entire history of parts to aid purchasing, reduce the risk of fraud and maintain the value of your aircraft.

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Automated Lease Returns

Smart Contracts continuously validate your aircraft records against lease terms. This makes the end-of-lease process as simple as pressing a button - greatly reducing the risk of delays and added fees.
Nov 18

Preserving Aircraft Value

In this article we explain how adopting digital records for your aircraft can help to maintain its value and also improve saleability.

Nov 18

We're Hiring!

TrustFlight's team is growing to help increase the adoption of digital aircraft records. Have a look at our careers page to find out more.

Aug 18

Why you should move to a Digital Tech Log

Find out how a digital aircraft technical log can benefit your operations, and why you should consider it now.

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